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19 October 2019

The Different Faces of Depression

Mental well-being is a key source to a healthy life. Many suffer from depression or are affected by it in some way and do not know how to deal with it. During this talk we will be having experts in the field and some people who have beaten the illness help us better understand the illness and how to deal with it.

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9 November 2019

Give me my Damn Oranges

STOP I said STOP taking whatever life gives you. You deserve better from life and the sooner you STOP following the crowd of mediocrity and start demanding what life owes you, life will always be a cycle of disappointment. Stop taking advice from people on your level. Come hear more

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29 November 2019

Return of The KING.

Unless you understand your worth and what you must bring to the table, you will always live according to the standard that others impose on you Kings do not concern themselves with what people think of them but make decisions that dictate how they ought to be addressed. .

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