About The Founder

Trey Chigwembele

Speaker, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Innovator.

Having started my first business at the age of 16. Entrepreneurship has always run in my blood. Over the years I have managed to create an impressive portfolio in Entrepreneurial training, Digital Marketing and Motivational speaking. My passion has always been to Influence generations from Past, Present, and Future to become people that live for so much more than just to survive and die without making any significant change to the society they are born into. In my talks, I share about my life experiences and lessons openly in a mind shifting and thought-provoking manner. Other Achievements:

  • Corporate Strategy Consultant
  • Managing Director at Red Box PR
  • Founder of My 100Thousand Oganization
  • Entrepreneurial Training expert
  • Co-Owner of Smart Dinning
  • Advocate for mental wellness in work.